I am so sick and effing tired of people telling fat girls that our “confidence” is sexy. You wanna know what’s fucking sexy? MY ASS! Wanna know what else is sexy? MY THIGHS! How about this, MY FUCKING BELLY! It’s sexy that I can take your fist in 30 seconds. It’s sexy that you can hold handfuls of me at a time. It’s sexy that my skin raises up in welts that suit my roundness when you smack me.

People’s heads whip when I walk down the street, and it’s not my confidence that they’re thinking about fucking. It’s my body.
Don’t tell me that I’m hot because I’m comfortable in my skin. Don’t tell me that I’m hot because I have a pretty face. Don’t tell me that I’m hot because I’ve done so much work to love myself. It’s a cop-out.
Confidence is sexy.
But so is a nice rack.

Ashley Aron, one of the baddest bitches around!